1. Janice Lau

    Emma Wyatt Ashtyn Hiron Georgia Wood Anna Smith Hannah Beattie Kristina Gillespie Dee Healey Emma Hart Emily Jardine hmm friends or bestfriends….?

  2. Jose Rodriguez

    Hahaha xD Gee Luvzz ima turn u to a salad

  3. Gee Luvzz

    Haha yeah like the rest!

  4. Liam Prisk

    Or in Tommy Ley’s case draw cocks with lipstick onto your body lol

  5. Maggie Emmins

    Molly Hassall im doing this to you one day. watch out

  6. Cinta Altin

    Zoe Chip Wedge I so want tomato abs.

  7. Loren McCann

    Be warned Dylan Hahahaha (Kim Hoorn)

  8. Alan Sites

    Nick Dobbs Lacey Johnson Sammy Silver organic boy