1. Joanne El-Hadi

    hahahaha sums you up Danielle

  2. Danielle Trevena

    Drunk? Alcohol? Never! Joanne

  3. Mário Rui Dos Santos

    stereotyping can be a bitch sometimes..

  4. Jenn Dominguez

    What she’s doing right there is called the “white girl wasted” Hahaha! I’m half white so don’t even.

  5. Erika Miller

    hahaha this is funny lol

  6. Hemant Yadav

    Wrong. Indian girls do not belly dance, Arab girls do.

  7. Artika Gunathasan

    Belly dancing is Arabic… Asian girls do Bhangra!

  8. Mariam Sakanyan

    White girls do the YMCA

  9. Jana Deshields

    Sarah Ferrebee See! This explains it!

  10. Kaitlen Caldwell Boren

    Jessica Shay hahaahahahaaaaa