1. Jackson Bahr

    Dan, just replace the vodka with Jamo and that’s my weekend set! Maybe different soft drink too haha

  2. Dan Hocking

    Ginger ale bro all the way bro

  3. Jackson Bahr

    I’ll live with this for the moment.

  4. Dan Hocking

    My poison for the evening

  5. Jackson Bahr

    I’ve gotta live with piddly 330ml haha

  6. Dan Hocking

    Yea son need them this last week and a half

  7. Jackson Bahr

    True that! It’s been a gnarly coupla weeks. Ya haven’t quiet been yaself lately

  8. Dan Hocking

    Haha yea work doing my head in

  9. Jackson Bahr

    I’m much more of a fuck that shit kinda person at the moment!

  10. Dan Hocking

    Yea that machine cop a fair bit if that haha

  11. Jackson Bahr

    Hahaha fuck the cunt! Been useless since day one. Nothin but a hassle

  12. Jackson Bahr

    Reminds me of your head. All fucked up!

  13. Dan Hocking

    Thanks for noticing the smashed melon

  14. Jackson Bahr

    I’m an observant, cunt.