1. Morgan Whitmore

    Kyle Tink Joel Smith Alex Hordern

  2. Ben Seage

    Molly Wheatley Jacque Bogdanyi

  3. Alison M Austin

    You are! I had a dream about you last night, you came to visit for about two weeks. We had such fun! Then you decided you needed to go to Hong Kong and my husband was going to take you, since he had been there before. I was ok with it too…go figure! He’s never taken ME to Hong Kong! LOL Hugs!

  4. Janice Napp Mundy

    Too funny!! I’m glad you were ok with him taking me…in fact…why don’t you come with us too? LOL!

  5. Alison M Austin

    OK, I’ll make the martinis!

  6. Janice Napp Mundy

    Not for me…wine or something but not a martini, lol…

  7. Alison M Austin

    OK, we’ll have wine – I’m good with that. I like dirty martini’s but not gin, only vodka