1. Maruata Khawlhring

    Haha. Cheers 4 salad too

  2. Teresa McGuire

    Lol! True story, Myranda Garber!

  3. Brian Coons

    did you go to school? do you know how to spell ?

  4. Ryan Pappalau

    I don’t even know if alcoholist is even a word, I was just making a joke coon dog

  5. Brian Coons

    it’s alcoholic you inbred

  6. Ryan Pappalau

    no alcoholist because the other ones are pacifist and optimist

  7. Brian Coons

    did you eat lead paint as a baby?

  8. Ryan Pappalau

    its a different word then alcoholic

  9. Brian Coons

    i can’t even wrap my head around how slow you are, it isn’t a real word

  10. Ryan Pappalau

    I would type alittle faster if I had a better conection