1. Scott Wingo

    LOL! True! I remember a few weeks ago I wrapped a hot dog and a spoonful of spaghetti and meat sauce up in a tortilla. Not too cute lol

  2. Josh Harris

    Bailey The-Russian Richardson

  3. Colt Mckenzie

    i was drunk last night and saw a commercial for dennys make your own omlette. too stoked

  4. Jessie Holt

    Man if I was that drunk I’d prob pass out before the food was cooked and burn the house down lol

  5. CarlosEddie Curtain Call

    You do not need to be drunk to make that.
    Just hungry.

  6. Constantin Iordache

    ce zici de asta Dobrescu Mihai ? :))

  7. Bonnie Marie Baltazar

    Joseph Murrow JB if we were drunk and you were hungry I bet what we would cook would turn out to be something like this..:p

  8. Ciaran Porritt

    Ollie Kwong this is you

  9. Nathan Schneider

    Mikey Batt Phil Puglisi Robert Salem